A Farther Shore: Irelands Long Road to Peace

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So when it came to the December negotiations, Kenny was shoulder-to-shoulder with David Cameron in trying to achieve a reasonable agreement and refusing to be bullied. Afterwards, Kenny denounced Adams' behaviour during the talks as "outrageous" and Adams's political opponents the Left can't stand him, either are claiming that, in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein have agreed to an austerity policy they oppose in the Republic.

Desperately trying to shore up their socialist credentials, Sinn Fein are snuggling up to to Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain. Feeling vulnerable, in his blog Adams reached piously for his hitherto trusty weapon: "The peace process is the most important political project on this island at this time. It needs to be nurtured, protected and enhanced.

It should be at the top of the [Irish] government's agenda alongside other priorities. It isn't. So I was surprised and genuinely shocked to learn that on its watch it has turned a blind eye to the toxic Their training was in saving lives as So have many Remainers for, as one of them Joan Burton.

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Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland

This can be a difficult process. In the Irish peace process it took years to break this barrier. Dialogue is often viewed as a concession when in fact it is a necessity for peace. While an ability to respond to changing circumstances quickly is important your approach has to be governed by an underlying strategic approach based on core strategic objectives:.

A Farther Shore: Ireland’s Long Road to Peace

These include the need for the process to tackle the many causes which lie at the heart of the conflict; there must be a good faith engagement by all sides, and the process must be inclusive — with all parties treated as equals and all mandates respected. There are 40 million people in the USA who can trace their roots back to Ireland. Most fled to the USA because of political and violent upheaval and economic hardship and famine.

Irish republicans have a long connection to the diaspora which has consistently supported the struggle for freedom and justice in Ireland. The role of Irish America in persuading the Clinton and subsequent Bush and Obama administrations to support the Irish peace process has been invaluable. An Irish Eye.

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He was banned from travelling into Britain and his voice was banned from the British broadcasting media under censorship laws. Adams has travelled widely. He has played a key role in creating the conditions for the peace process in the Basque country. In , he visited the Gaza Strip and produced a report on the impact of conflict in that region. Gerry Adams is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative which he attends each year and has taken part in panel discussions on conflict resolution.

A Farther Shore: Ireland's Long Road to Peace

The New York Times said of him:. Toggle navigation Toggle Search. My Speaker List. Titles[0] : speaker. We're here to help! Customize your search to find ideal speakers for upcoming events discover speakers by Keyword.

Self-important Gerry Adams detached from any reality

Along the way he's been jailed, shot at, and even now he remains a controversial figure. Yet few doubt that he is both a fascinating and important figure. Adams now tells the story of "Ireland's long road to peace" to use the book's subtitle in his latest volume "A Farther Shore. Adams' status as an insider certainly sheds new light on these historic, still-unfolding events.

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Adams writes about previously undisclosed discussions between the British government and key Republican figures. He also reveals how the IRA leadership clashed with other Republican elements, which ultimately played a role in the initial end of the IRA's ceasefire. The Clinton White House, the Catholic Church and prominent Irish-Americans are also featured, though perhaps more surprising is the extensive role the South African government played in the Irish peace process.

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A Farther Shore. Ireland's Long Road to Peace.

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