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For many different reasons, speakers borrow words from other languages to fill gaps in their own lexical inventory.

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The past ten years have been characterized by a great interest among phonologists in the issue of how the nativization of loanwords occurs. The general feeling is that loanword nativization provides a direct window for observing how acoustic cues are categorized in terms of the distinctive features relevant to the L1 phonological system as well as for studying L1 phonological processes in action and thus to the true synchronic phonology of L1.

  1. LINGUIST List Phonology; Sociolinguistics: Calabrese & Wetzels ().
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  4. The collection of essays presented in this volume provides an overview of the complex issues phonologists face when investigating this phenomenon and, more generally, the ways in which unfamiliar sounds and sound sequences are adapted to converge with the native language s sound pattern. This book is of interest to theoretical phonologists as well as to linguists interested in language contact phenomena.

    Loan phonology. Loanword adaptation as firstlanguage phonological perception.

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    Perception production and acoustic inputs in loanword phonology. The adaptation of Romanian loanwords from Turkish and French. This list is based on CrossRef data as of 27 august Please note that it may not be complete. Sources presented here have been supplied by the respective publishers. Any errors therein should be reported to them.

    Loan Phonology

    Andrea Calabrese. Leo Wetzels. Hardbound — Available Buy now. ISBN Loan phonology: Issues and controversies.

    Loan Phonology (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)

    Loanword adaptation as first-language phonological perception. Perception, production and acoustic inputs in loanword phonology. The adaptation of Romanian loanwords from Turkish and French.

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    Mandarin adaptations of coda nasals in English loanwords. Korean adaptation of English affricates and fricatives in a feature-driven model of loanword adaptation.

    The role of underlying representations in L2 Brazilian English. Early bilingualism as a source of morphonological rules for the adaptation of loanwords: Spanish loanwords in Basque. Nondistinctive features in loanword adaptation: The unimportance of English aspiration in Mandarin Chinese phoneme categorization. Gemination in English loans in American varieties of Italian.