Macromolecular physics - Crystal melting

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Thomas, S. Kooi, and P. Crenshaw and C. Ho, D. Thomas, R. Friend, and N. Kallinger, M. Hilmer, A.

Macromolecular Physics V2 - 1st Edition

Haugeneder, M. Perner, W.

Spirkl, U. Lemmer, J. Feldmann, U. Scherf, K. Mullen, A.

Heterogeneity in polymer melts from melting of polymer crystals

Gombert, and V. Berggren, A. Dodabalapur, and R. Chou, P. Krauss, and P. Roger, M. Meier, A. Dodabalapur, E. Laskowski, and M. Milonni and J. Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here.

Alert me when this article is cited. Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Reflection band green , absorption black and emission red of C1-RG inset shows molecular structure b.

Reflection band green , absorption black and emission red of R6G. The saturated bright spot on the screen yellowish green is the lasing emission and the fainter green spot to the right is the residue of the pump light.

Optics Express

Slope efficiency Emission spectrum of a R6G sample pumped below threshold black curve and above threshold red. Transmission curve of the whole sample is shown as the green curve. Threshold trend observed on R6G samples. Data points were fitted by a 4-level lasing model Eq.

Learn more. Login or Create Account. Allow All Cookies. Optics Express Vol. Express 16 , Accessible Open Access. Abstract We have assembled and studied melt-processed all-polymer lasers comprising distributed Bragg reflectors that were fabricated in large sheets using a co-extrusion process and define the cavities for dye-doped compression-molded polymer gain core sheets. Diode pumped distributed Bragg reflector lasers based on a dye-to-polymer energy transfer blend A.


More Recommended Articles. Organic dye lasers with distributed Bragg reflector grating and distributed feedback resonator Naoto Tsutsumi and Takashi Ishibashi Opt.

Classes of Crystalline Solids

Thermo-spectral study of all-polymer multilayer lasers James H. Baer, E T. Figures 4. Distributed Bragg reflector laser structure. Equations 4 Equations on this page are rendered with MathJax. Please login to set citation alerts. Equations displayed with MathJax. Learn more.

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