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The resulting product is characterized by its dendritic needle-like shape and unique thermal properties. Fused Mullite has a low coefficient of thermal expansion which results in a product with excellent thermal shock resistance and resistance to deformation under load. Fused Mullite is used for many applications including investment cast shell building, kiln furniture, glass contact refractories, and other applications requiring a high purity raw material with excellent thermal shock resistance and hot strength.

MUB is a fused mullite obtained from fusion of high purity sand and alumina in an electric arc furnace. It presents low thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance that make MUB an excellent material for investment casting and other refractory applications. MUBS is a fused mullite obtained from fusion of silica sand and alumina in an electric arc furnace.

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Mullite based lining in Rotary Kiln

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Mullite | Blasch Precision Ceramics

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